A Warriors Reminder by Ash Alves 

In her first book A Warriors Reminder, Ash Alves reveals a powerful collection of reminders that help encourage you towards healing and self-empowerment. This book covers a range of life topics including patience, self-love, change, surrendering, all of which offer a greater perspective on the challenges we experience within our daily lives. The reminders help you to harness power over life’s everyday struggles. Each reminder attempts to break down your limiting beliefs and dispel the myths we often tell ourselves by offering a realistic, transformative perspective to inspire us to live our best lives and love ourselves in the process.


Clarity Reading

This is a clarity reading where I provide answers to your current obstacles that are weighing on your mind and holding you back from embodying your divinity, inner peace and self-love. I will use my experience, knowledge and spiritual life coaching to help you reach understandings to help you get unstuck. 

You will receive a two-page downloadable document. All and any information is given as guidance only and is subject to your own personal interpretation. Any decisions and/or choices you make based on this guidance remain your sole personal and legal responsibility. The advice given is not intended to be a replacement for a licensed therapist. I don’t accept exchanges or returns once purchased.  You will receive your reading within 2 business days of purchase. Please don’t send any additional information after your initial request.

Topic areas: 1. Career 2. Emotional healing 3. Relationships (friendship, romantic, family) 

Costs: £15 (please pay below using PayPal)

Here are some writing prompts to help you write your description:  

  • I am struggling with…
  • I have tried to…
  • It is making me feel like…
  • My fear is….
  • My heart yearns for…
  • My inner critic is telling me…

Application Form

Please make sure that you have paid for the reading before you submit the application form.