Intention Setting for the New Year 2020

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It’s the end of the year and you may be thinking about all the goals you want to achieve in the next year. But have you thought about your intentions behind your wanting to accomplish those goals?

Intention setting is when you ensure that all your goals are in alignment with your values and the core of who you are. Intention setting puts more meaning and purpose behind your goals. An example of this could be gaining your driving license. It becomes less about just passing the test but about wanting a vehicle to give you a sense of freedom to uproot and explore multiple places.

Benefits of Intention Setting:

Intention helps you avoid falling into the comparison trap. You gain a wider perspective as to why you want to achieve your goals. You become less consumed in appeasing the masses and more focused on meeting your targets. The acquisition of your goals becomes less material or status-driven but more about satisfying one’s soul’s desires.

Intentions are important because they remind us of the reasons why we want to achieve certain goals when things get tough. When you want to give up you can remind yourself of why it was important for you to achieve that goal. Having a business is less about the title of an entrepreneur but more about providing financial freedom for your family to there’s more joy.

Intention setting allows you to raise your vibrational energy by penetrating your psyche and providing a sense of hope, optimism to help you manifest your goals.

Additionally, intention setting makes your goals more possible. If you have a big goal you want to accomplish, it’s much harder to stay consistent when the going gets tough. If you set intentions behind your goal, it feels much more realistic and attainable to achieve. This is where the law of attraction comes into play. You set the intention for what you want, match your daily practices so that you become aligned with that goal each day. The universe will put you in the path of achieving that goal.

As the new year is coming, don’t forget to set your intentions. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does my goal align with my purpose?
  • What values am I practising with this goal?
  • How does achieving this goal feel in my body?

Today’s challenge:

Start your day with “ dear universe my intention today is to…”

A question to you: 

What intentions are you setting for 2020?

I’d love to hear your answers!

Love Ash, xx 

44 thoughts on “Intention Setting for the New Year 2020

  1. Intentions are good to make and I enjoy affirmations as well. I’m going to create new habits for 2020. A goal is something we wish to achieve, but they require an action. If we do something each day toward that goal, it becomes habit. A habit becomes a part of our being and will occur naturally, just like fixing that first cup of coffee each day. ❤

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  2. I’m not a huge long-term goals person. I do better by breaking it down into months, or weeks. The idea of intention setting is really nice, though. I just might try it the next time I set goals 🙂

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    • The fact that you break your goals into micro ones is a good thing! Often we can get overwhelmed with long term goals. I do set them but try to focus mostly on my souls reason behind pursuing it. Let me know how it goes and thank you for reading 💜😅


  3. One of my major goals is to let shit go! I tend to want things to be perfect – perfectly how I envisioned, perfect timing. That’s not always realistic. So im setting goals with intention and setting them free to manifest when they’re supposed to.

    Great reminders! Thank you

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  4. 😍waw I love this post 🙂I always wants to set new goals for the New year .& That is why December is so exciting for me 🤗 because I like to leave bad memories of that old year .💃and then I welcome preparations of the new year with new goals and Archivment🌈🌏🌠

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  5. That’s an interesting idea! I think ambition in life is priceless, but I have often been a bit hesitant towards new year’s resolutions (although I have given them myself several times), partly because they subconsciously imply to ourselves that January 1st is more important than all the other days. In any case, I hadn’t heard of intention setting. Thanks for enlightening me!

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