The Gratitude Journal: August 19’

Happy August,

For this month’s gratitude topic, I want to talk about uncertainty!

When we are uncertain about a decision we need to make, it can make us feel stuck and unsettled. The fear of missing out or potentially making the wrong decision can be very daunting. We all feel uncertain at times and somehow we always figure it out. If you are currently feeling stuck, just remember that it will not last forever.

Perhaps we need to feel uncertain at times to get us to pause and really think. When we are sure about where we are heading, we are less inclined to take time out to observe all areas of our lives. Uncertainty allows us to take a birds eye view at our life and begs us to ask the questions; What area in my life do I need to pour more energy into?, Am I happy?, What needs shifting?

Uncertainty doesn’t last forever so take advantage of the need to pause in order to re-evaluate your life. Consider it as an opportunity to prioritize self care and put joy at the centre of your life. Don’t feel compelled to make an instant decision if you have the privilege of stalling it until you’re more certain. Life isn’t about getting to a destination “fast” but it’s about enjoying the ride. Maybe you’re uncertain because you need to show more gratitude for where you currently are in order to invite in something new and abundant into your life.

So whilst you’re feeling stuck, frustrated and uncertain, remind yourself that it won’t last forever and allow your intuition to guide you into making the best decision for you. Don’t be so attached to the outcome. And remember that you can always make another decision.

What are you focusing on this Month?

Have a great one!

Love Ash, xx


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26 thoughts on “The Gratitude Journal: August 19’

  1. Everyone focus on one things or achievement in their life! This is lovely, thank you for posting this. I really appreciate your writing style and your blog 💕

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  2. I love your blog.I’m trying to start my own along the line of my journey finding myself after several traumatic experiences. Looking forward to following your journey.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Aw thank you so much Chandra! Yes definitely go for it- you will inspire others by speaking your truth. It’s so brave of you to open up. I look forward to seeing your posts 💜


    • Yess I love that you are reading and writing. I think when we are feeling stuck it’s important to pour our energy into doing other things we enjoy. Feeling lost is normal at times. Thanks for reading 💜☺️

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    • 100% and I think there’s an expectation that we have to make certain decisions fast but sometimes it’s better to give it some time to process it. Thank you Marta for reading this☺️💜


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