The Gratitude Journal: July 19′

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Happy July! ❤

Sending you gentle reminder for this month:

Trust and believe in your growth. No one can take that away from you. You know your heart and what goodness it carries. The only time you become a prisoner to the older version of you is when you decide to make that choice. Trust yourself and don’t take on other people’s negative perceptions of you. No one can bound you to that person but you!

Don’t be ashamed of who you once were because they laid the foundation to who you are now. You did your best with what you knew, and you’ve learned from those experiences. When people try to bring you into the place you once were, it is a test to see whether you are embodying the change that you talk about. Rise above the naysayers and show them who you are!

What are you focusing on this July?

Love Ash, xx


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35 thoughts on “The Gratitude Journal: July 19′

  1. I spent the first part of the year, clearing the path. To be focused on what I want to accomplish by the end of the year. My goals have became more refined and in this month of July, I’ll keep moving forward. The only reason I look back is to see how far I’ve come. 🙂

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    • Aw awesome! It’s so important to reflect on the progress we’ve made & what may need shifting/ changing. I’m actually spending this month clearing my path & letting go of things that we taking up too much space. You’re doing great, thanks for sharing 💜🌷

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    • All the best! That’s real good that you’ve been doing the work & continuing the progress with that goal. My goal was to cut down on sugar but I’ve slipped up. Next I’ll make it my focus again lol 😂

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  2. I spent most of my life listening to others on how to run my life; the courses I had to take in school, the friends I have to follow, what I have to wear…what my hobbies should be. And that was a really setback for me. But now I’ve found my voice and I can do anything I want to do without giving a damn about what others think. I please God and myself

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  3. Wow, ‘Trust and believe in your growth’ -b this right here is a line, and then some. It seems so simple but it’s difficult for me to sink into it. Thank you for reminding me to rise x

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    • Aw thank you Abi for your kind words. It’s so important to give ourselves and chance to acknowledge how much we’ve changed. Appreciate it 💜


  4. July 19th marks 4 years since my father passed away unexpectedly. My focus is to be grateful for every day I have and to love love love more than I think and worry. And to focus on what I most need to do with my own life while I am still here. Thanks for all the inspiring posts, Ash!

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    • I’m so sorry about your loss but you’re so inspiring & full of light! I love that you have this perspective. That’s so important to focus on what happens the most which is love & living the life we are proud to live. I can definitely do that more in my life. Thank you for your kinda words and reading this ☺️💞


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