The Gratitude Journal: June 19′


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Hello you!

The theme of this month: BEING PRESENT 

Are you really present or are you just running on autopilot?

Too often we try to effectively attend to multiple things at once. Many of us spend a lot of our day multitasking and going through the motions without being present in the moment. After a conversation with my partner around this topic, I realised that too often I was physically present but not actually living in it. Recently I started to tune into what I am focusing on throughout my day. I caught myself having a conversation with a loved one but thinking about other pending tasks I had to complete all throughout our interaction. I was present in person but I was not present in spirit. I was not enjoying the entirety of the moment that I was experiencing. Planning and staying proactive is great, however the life we want to manifest for ourselves is hidden within the little things we do every single day. Having a conversation with a friend is just as important as your work obligations. Do you know why? Because it brings us joy, love and warmth which is so important for our overall well being. In order to maintain or invite loving relationships into your life, you have to be present and appreciate the love that you are currently surrounded by. This means eliminating distractions and focusing on the presence of the moment you are sharing with them. Showing that you are present with others sends off a message that you are appreciative of their time and you cherish the relationship. The same applies to everything else in your life, whether that’s focusing on self care or walking to work in the morning. 

Take a moment right now to be aware of the time, what you are doing with your body and mind in this present moment. When we turn into the present moment, we realise how much power we have over our choices and interaction. We begin to see the joy that exists and the blessings in our lives. It allows us to become clear about the energy we put towards things that does not serve us. 

Mini challenges for us to try together:

  • Count to 10 before you start a new task; This has been proven to helps you to become mindful and present. It’s an excellent way to de-clutter your mind and help improve your attention span. 
  • Focus your whole energy into one thing; watch a programme without checking your phone, read a book in a quiet space with no distractions.


Question to you: 

How are you?

What are you focusing on this month?


Have a blessed month.

Love, Ash xx 


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13 thoughts on “The Gratitude Journal: June 19′

    • This is very true! the life we want to create is exists in every moment we life. If we understand the power of being present we will see our life transform. Thanks for stopping by appreciate it ☺️🌷

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    • Ahh this is a great question and make me pause and think which I love. I would say because I believe components of love include understanding and care. Mindfulness creates an opportunity to understand others through listening and allows you adequately show care when someone is asking for it or displaying distress. These things are often missed when we are not present during our interactions. I hope that makes sense Paul. What are your thoughts? And thanks for reading this by the way 🙂 ❤

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      • I would agree with you. I’m in favor of anything that might help us pay attention to our beloved. I am of the crazy opinion that when most of us fall in love, we tend to focus on our feelings. That’s a natural thing to do. But it also takes the spotlight off the person we love. Pretty soon, we’re more concerned with out feelings of love than we are with our beloved. I see that all the time. So I’m wholly in favor of anything that focuses attention back on the beloved.


  1. I love and adore living in the moment. And I get pissed when I sacrifice precious time to check on a friend or relative, only for them to end up spending most of their time on the phone 😡

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